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Blog > News

Rubber Sole Slippers to Benefit Feet

Rubber sole slippers are perfect for taking you from lounging around the house to pottering in the garden. Your feet can take on a lot of pressure when standing up all day which is why you need a comfortable and supportive base to relieve that. Rubber sole slippers are the answer. With numerous benefits, they could provide hours of comfort around the house or even suitable for short walks down garden paths. Find a pair perfect for your needs when you learn the benefits of rubber soled slippers with Giesswein.  

Table of Contents:

What Sole is Best for Slippers?

EVA vs Rubber Soles for Slippers

Rubber Sole Slippers for the Whole Family

How to Wash Rubber Soled Slippers

What Sole is Best for Slippers?

Rubber sole slippers are a great choice for providing stability and support throughout the house. All  slippers vary in style and material but ensuring you have the right base for you is important. Rubber soles can provide the user with a stable grip when they need it most, meaning your feet feel secure on the ground. The last thing you want is a pair of slippers which cause tumbles and falls because they are slippy and provide no grip. Rubber soled slippers on the other hand, are made using thick and durable rubber. Often you will see them indented or have grooves which is what makes them supportive slippers against slippery surfaces. 

Our range of  men’s slippers and  women’s slippers all include our patented natural rubber soles. This means they are slip-resistant and provide the wearer with a firm foothold.  

your feet can relax in a pair of rubber soled slippers

EVA vs Rubber Soles for Slippers

Choosing the right type of soles for your slippers can feel like a trial and error process. Will they offer support? Which will be the most comfortable? Giesswein uses EVA soles and rubber soles in our footwear. But which is best?  

Rubber Soles 

Rubber sole slippers are the most common type of bases you will find in a house shoe. They boast a range of benefits which makes them both practical and comfortable to the user, such as taking the impact from every step. Comfort and support is ultimately the overall goal of any footwear, which is why all of our slippers feature rubber soles. An advantage towards rubber soles is that they are often waterproof or water resistant. Meaning you can enjoy taking a stroll in the garden with ease. Rubber soles can also be suitable alongside arch support insoles as the sturdiness of the base provides good stability without sacrificing comfort.  Arch support slippers help to prevent discomfort to the user who often would have low arches. Making sure your feet are supported correctly is important, as it can affect your posture.        

EVA Soles

EVA soles are another type of base to footwear but are not as common as rubber soled slippers. This isn’t to say EVA soles are unsuitable for slippers because they have incredible benefits of their own. These soles are traditionally more lightweight and flexible than rubber soles, but still have the same anti-grip features. What makes them more suitable for an outdoor shoe rather than a slipper is the shock absorption feature.           

our outdoor slippers feature sturdy rubber soles

Rubber Sole Slippers for the Whole Family  

Giesswein can provide comfortable rubber sole slippers which are perfect for the whole family. Having a sturdy rubber sole means you can take the comfort anywhere, even outdoors!  Outdoor slippers make gardening or enjoying your morning coffee enjoyable because you can feel secure with every step. Discover our other range of slippers with rubber soles: 

  • Slipper Socks - Slipper socks are a perfect hybrid of cosy socks and comfortable rubber soled slippers. Each pair is made with warm virgin wool and features a thin rubber sole. They have a range of benefits including being flexible and lightweight. Making them a perfect partner to your feet on short weekend breaks away. With a range for the whole family, we have  men’s slipper sockswomen’s slipper socks and  kids’ slipper socks.
  • WoolpopsWoolpops are our vibrant and fun pair of rubber sole slippers. Made using soft  virgin wool, you can feel like you are walking barefoot all day every day in a pair of slippers with rubber soles. Our Woolpops feature our patented anti-slip soles, which offer optimal grip and security to the wearer. With a variety of bright colours to choose from, we are sure to have a pair for everyone to love! 

slipper socks can feature a thin rubber sole to provide optimum grip

How to Wash Rubber Soled Slippers

To some, knowing  how to wash your rubber soled slippers may be a necessity, especially in the warmer months when sweaty feet can arise. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Our rubber sole slippers are all made using soft virgin wool. This type of wool means your feet can breathe easily and can stay dry during the warmer weather. This is thanks to the moisture wicking properties within the fibres. What this means is excess moisture is removed from your skin and transferred to the top layer of the fabric where it can evaporate. Another benefit to virgin wool, in rubber sole slippers, is that it is a naturally antibacterial material. It is a great feature to have especially in summer slippers where it can traditionally be a hot zone for bacteria to form. Due to the uneven structure of the fibres, bacteria finds it hard to grip onto, which means it is unable to multiply. 

If you do find you want to freshen up your rubber sole slippers, you can easily pop them into the washing machine and leave to air dry.

Slip Your Feet into Comfort with Giesswein

Spanning over three generations, Giesswein is a family run wool company, specialising in  merino wool. The properties this fabric brings allow us to create breathable sneakers for the whole family. From  men’s trainers to  women’s trainers to  kids' trainers, we have them all. We only want to provide our customers with high-quality fabrics that do not cause harm to the sheep. Which is why we are proud to say  we do not use mulesing wool