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Blog > News

What is Moisture Wicking?

Moisture wicking is an aspect which some fabrics feature, to keep your feet dry and cool. But what do we really mean by moisture wicking? In our handy guide, we can teach you all there is to know about this property in fabrics. From understanding what it is, to product application, and its advantages. See it for yourself with Giesswein.

Table of Contents:

What Does Moisture Wicking Mean?

What Makes Fabric Moisture Wicking?

3 Different Types of Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Moisture Wicking Footwear to Keep Your Feet Dry

Is this Type of Material Waterproof?


What Does Moisture Wicking Mean?

Moisture wicking is an element of some fabrics that removes moisture away from your skin. How it does this is in two steps. 

Step 1: The first sees the moisture quickly transferred from your skin to the top layer of the material. 

Step 2: While the second step ensures the fabric is rapidly dried, to make sure your sweat doesn’t immerse in the material. 

The result of having this property in any footwear or clothing, allows a more comfortable feel. Given that your body can regulate its temperature efficiently, leaving the fabric dry to touch. Our footwear at Giesswein incorporates this feature, which allows you to keep your feet cool and dry all day long. Never will you have to endure that hot, sticky feeling again, once you experience the joy of moisture wicking fabrics.      

What Makes Fabric Moisture Wicking?

The element of moisture wicking relies on the flow of liquid through tiny spaces in the fabric. The official name for this motion is a ‘Capillary Action’. This sees the individual absorbent fibres, in the material, draw the liquid (sweat) towards the surface. From that point the liquid is free to evaporate, since it has been removed from your skin.   

what is moisture wicking fabric?

Moisture wicking is a benefit you can enjoy from many of our products at Giesswein. Including our range of  men’s sneakers and  women’s sneakers. Once you enter your feet into a pair of our comfortable sneakers, you may never want to take them off.

3 Different Types of Moisture Wicking Fabrics

There are a range of moisture wicking fabrics available, for clothing and footwear, which all have their advantages. When it comes to deciding what fabric may suit you best, you may want to consider the types of activities you could be enduring. Whether you need an  everyday sneaker to run errands, or you decide to spend the weekend on nature trails, so need a lightweight hiking shoe. Whatever you decide to tackle, having footwear that is moisture wicking allows for your feet to stay dry and comfortable.   

is moisture wicking a merino wool property?

Merino wool:

Merino wool is a moisture wicking material used in our clothing and footwear. This type of wool has many other natural properties, aside from moisture wicking, which make it an excellent choice for footwear. For one, the material is breathable. This results in air moving around your feet freely, keeping them cool and comfortable in warmer weather. Many of our own products, such as our  Merino Runners, use this wool to provide a comfortable, lightweight experience. Once you accommodate your feet in the  world's lightest sneakers, you could feel like you're walking on clouds all day.  

Virgin wool:

Virgin wool has natural moisture wicking properties, to keep your feet dry throughout the seasons. Which is why it is a great material for many products, including our  men’s slippers and  women’s slippers. Virgin wool’s ability to keep your feet cool and dry, is the reason we favor it for our summer slippers. Not only will they be perfect for when the warmer temperature greets us, you can also wear them once the sun hides behind the clouds. This is because as well as moisture wicking, it regulates your feet’s temperature. Allowing you to enjoy the coziness all year round.


Eucalyptus wood can be transformed into a soft natural fibre, which incorporates the properties of moisture wicking. At Giesswein we only use eucalyptus wood that is grown in FSC-certified forests. This could also make it the most sustainable option, as we use completely biodegradable wood fibres. The  production of eucalyptus into a fibre is five easy steps. The results lead to our comfortable, unique  wood sneakers.

is virgin wool moisture wicking?

Moisture Wicking Footwear To Keep Your Feet Dry

Enjoying your morning coffee on the porch in comfort has never been easier. When you invest in moisture wicking footwear, you allow your feet the luxury of staying dry throughout the seasons. An element we can all appreciate. 

At Giesswein, moisture wicking is at the heart of our footwear, since we use a range of wool types. From our colourful  Merino Wool Knit, to our sturdy  Wool Cross X Alpine hiking boots. We are sure there is a style to suit everyone. 

5  Elements Giesswein Shoes Offer

  • Comfortable  EVA soles.
  • Being lightweight - Some of our sneakers weigh just 160 grams!
  • Slip resistant - A variety of our footwear offers slip resistant soles. They are perfect for your  outdoor slippers, when you want to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Cozy merino wool inner lining. 
  • Super easy to wash - Simply pop in your washing machine and allow to air dry.   

moisture wicking sneakers to wear everyday

Is This Type of Material Waterproof?

When considering the properties of a moisture wicking material, typically it is not waterproof. You may find goods made from this material, especially footwear, to be water resistant rather than waterproof. We offer a variety of  water resistant trainers to suit any lifestyle. However, an element which is highly favored is the fact this fabric is breathable. Thanks to the tiny air chambers, air is free to travel in to help regulate the temperature of your skin. Wave goodbye to that hot, sticky feeling and hello cool, dry skin, all year round!   

Take Comfortable Strides In Giesswein

Giesswein is a third generation run wool company. Our goal has always been to reinvent the positive attributes wool has to offer, which is why we use a range of different wools. From merino wool in our men’s trainers and women’s trainers, to virgin wool in our  slippers for the whole family. Whichever you decide to slip your feet into, know they will keep you dry and warm throughout the day.